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Nearly Two Decades as Leaders  in  Executive Personal  Protection and Bodyguard Services, Film Set Location and Corporate  Security,  Threat  Assessment, Privacy  Consultation,  and  Investigations

Galahad is a world leader in personal protection and bodyguard services, corporate security, and security consulting.  Since its founding nearly two decades ago, its services have been tailored towards the corporate and entertainment sectors.  The firm's bodyguard, personal protection and corporate security expertise has enhanced the safety and privacy of the world's most famous and prominent public figures, entertainers, cultural figures, and corporate officers. Additionally, Galahad's staff is regularly retained as experts in a wide array of security disciplines, including: threat assessment, prevention of stalking and unwanted pursuit,  privacy intrusion consultation, and high-level investigations.  

Our Competitive Edge - A Global Reputation of Excellence

What continues to distinguish Galahad among its competitors is not only the quality and breadth of our trained staff, personal protection services and client base, but also our commitment to certain core values - to excellence, to our people, to teamwork, and to uncompromised professionalism.  We believe these values matter to the people who come to work at Galahad and we believe they matter to all of our clients. 






Protection While Driving

Trained European German Shepherds


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