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BMW High Security Vehicle Program

In the past, the tremendous cost involved with "after market" armoring would not justify, and often deter, a client from ever purchasing such a vehicle -- until now.  BMW now offers the U.S. market their "Protection Series" of factory produced armored vehicles geared towards clients such as ours who want to drive themselves and want to be in a secure vehicle that doesn't look like a security vehicle.  These vehicles are considered affordable when compared to the cost traditionally involved with after-market conversion companies.  The BMW "Protection Series" sedans look like any other of it's non-armored sedans but they are specifically designed and engineered for this purpose and come with body armoring, bullet-resistant glass and run-flat tires.  In addition, they come with complete factory warranties -- this is in contrast to the work on vehicles by after-market armoring companies which usually void a manufacturer's factory warranty.  

Aramide is a unique, lightweight fiber that is highly resistant to penetration by bullets or other foreign objects. In BMW Protection cars, special Aramide fiber plates are placed in all critical body panels -- the doors and rear sections of the passenger compartment, as well as in the roof and foot well areas.  The windshield and windows are composed of layers of glass and impact-resistant polymers. Unique to BMW, this bullet-resistant (up to .44 Magnum) Security Glass offers highly effective protection against unwanted intrusions. Added to this security, a patented glass-steel composite reinforces the edges of all four windows.

Our challenge has been to dispel the belief among our clients that armored vehicles today are big, hulking, and obvious at the expense of performance, style and comfort.  Our effort is to educate our clients that they can have the benefit of a secure armored vehicle without drawing unwanted and unnecessary attention.   Because BMW does not promote their armored product through mainstream marketing channels, we wanted to provide the following resource to interested clients.

Jerry Glazebrook is a widely recognized authority on the subject of Executive / VIP Protection and former head of security for Dr. Kissinger.  Galahad has had the benefit of his association over the years on various security matters.  Among his many other responsibilities, Mr. Glazebrook is the domestic and international advisor to BMW Special Vehicle (Armored Car) Division.   

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