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Daniel B. Palmer, Principal Owner

Mr. Palmer has been involved in the security industry since 1984 and professionally in high-level public figure protection since 1987.  Since that time, he has planned and coordinated security for many of the nation's most prominent celebrities and CEOs in the entertainment industry.  Over the last decade, through his meticulous attention to detail and logistical pre-planning, Dan has successfully organized high-profile security for some of the most media and tabloid-frenzied events (i.e. weddings, childbirths, funerals, hospital admittances, etc.) in our modern media age.  All of the events under his care have had highly successful outcomes.

He has directed security for over 30 residential Command Centers, numerous concert tours throughout 600 cities worldwide, countless award shows and movie premiers, over 20 motion pictures (with special focus on the film's leading actor), as well as a 32 man security team for the 1990 J.D.L. / P.L.O. Peace talks Reception.  Dan's invaluable field experience has allowed him the opportunity to teach effective techniques for public figure protection to hundreds of protective Agents.   

Throughout his entire career, he has worked on the design and development of technical security equipment and systems.  Considered a leading technical consultant in security system planning for both commercial and residential applications, Dan has been responsible for recommending and implementing equipment in the areas of physical security, covert surveillance, electronic countermeasures, hazardous materials handling and investigative support. He has been at the forefront in systems development and installation of access control systems, early warning intrusion detection systems, panic/ duress paging systems, resistant gates and barriers, safe retreats, and other physical security equipment at clients residences and protective sites.

He has authored numerous articles and training manuals on the concepts of public figure protection, safe transportation in strategically armored vehicles, and safety tips and precautions to take during travel domestically and internationally.  Many organizations and individuals have sought his expertise in the areas of personal protection, logistical and advance preparation, and overall improvement of their safety and security programs.

Mr. Palmer has dedicated many years to the research and study of effective techniques in life safety, privacy and personal protection. He continues to explore and improve upon techniques used to protect high-profile individuals.  His commitment to continued training and education pushes the envelope in developing new and innovative approaches to high-stakes safety and security solutions.

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