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Celebrity Assistant Training
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Security and Safety Awareness Training for Executive and Celebrity Personal Assistants

Galahad is sought to consult clients on ways to improve their overall safety and privacy in all areas of their personal and professional lives - at the workplace, offices, studios, homes, while on tour, during film shoots and travel abroad, etc. We are often retained to work with our clients' personal assistants and train them how to handle threatening or bizarre communications directed towards the public figure.  Since personal assistants are generally at the "front lines" of receiving inappropriate communications, it is important they know what to look for and how best to deal with persistent and inappropriate pursuers.  Although few assistants have security and/or law enforcement background, they are asked (by the very nature of their work) to deal with security related issues not within the realm of their expertise or experience.

We want to help high-profile public figures in general by working with their personal assistants to provide critical information, procedures and strategies they can use to keep the client safe. Galahad provides a pro bono training program for persons actively employed in the field of public figure personal assistants.  The certification training program in "Basic Public Figure Safety & Privacy" gives personal assistants the tools to effectively deal with a wide range of safety and privacy challenges directed toward their employer.

Persons currently employed as a personal assistant for a public figure, celebrity, or high-profile corporate officer should contact our office immediately to take advantage of this important information.

Contact Galahad at 818-780-1818 or, complete our inquiry form.

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