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Corporate  Brochure

Thank you for your interest in learning more about our firm and the services we provide.  Though we get many requests to view our brochure, it is generally reserved for prospective public figure clients, corporate executives or their direct representatives, which can include client associates, attorneys, agents, publicists, personal assistants, Directors of Security and senior Human Resource personnel for corporations,  etc.  

Our work is focused on public figures, corporate executives, and Fortune 500 corporations who face unique high-stakes security, safety, and privacy issues.  Additionally, information contained within our corporate brochure is proprietary.  As such, we review requests on a case-by-case basis. We reserve the right to decline requests based on the information provided below.  

To receive a copy of our corporate brochure by mail, please submit your request below.

What business sector are you involved with?

Private Industry    Government   Law Enforcement   Non-Profit   General Public

What type of client are you or do you represent?

Public Figure    Entertainer   Executive   Athlete   Corporation   Public Official

Are you directly affiliated with the private security industry?

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To help us understand how you came to us, what Internet search engine did you use (Yahoo, Google, etc.)?


What "search key word(s)" were used that enabled you to locate our website, or if by personal referral, the name of the company and/or individual.


Please provide us your contact information.

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Please tell us if there is a current or relevant safety, security, threat | privacy, or investigative challenge you now face that we are being assessed to help with. 



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