Specializing in executive protection and professional bodyguards, estate security, film set location security, corporate security, and and a wide range of related private investigative and threat assessment services

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Innovative Leader in Executive Personal Protection

Providing the best possible personal protection service for our corporate, executive, and entertainment clients is the primary goal of the staff at Galahad. As a full-service firm representing established and emerging public figures and corporations, we offer an expertise and quality of service that is essential in today's world.

Galahad has provided security consultation and personal and bodyguard protection services worldwide in more than 60 countries on every major continent.  We have taken a leadership role in providing a variety of security services that can meet every aspect of clients' unique safety and privacy challenges.  It is easy for those not familiar with our specialized personal protection services to mis-categorize us solely as a "bodyguard" or "patrol" company -- nothing could be farther from the truth.  That analogy would be synonymous with comparing a paralegal with an attorney.  Our company provides consulting and protective services, and advises clients on a wide-range of high-stakes safety and privacy issues and implements strategies that best serve to reduce the risk of harm.  Properly addressing safety and security can also require coordinating physical protection, logistical support, applying investigative tools, etc.  For this reason, we offer our clients all of these services.  By managing these resources in-house, we are able to bring to bear the full resources in case management. 

Our firm continues to meet our clients' demand for the highest level of personal protection service.  Through our commitment to education and research in public figure protection and behavioral assessments, Galahad invests in ways to improve the techniques used in managing safety hazards, as well as its longstanding efforts to constantly think "outside the box" in regard to traditional approaches to these issues.  In other words, we believe we must always evolve to solve our clients' changing needs.  Learn more about who we are, click here.

The GALAHAD service mark is one of the most recognized names in the field of public figure protection, threat assessments and investigations.  Around the world, GALAHAD represents quality, professionalism, reliability, and integrity.  Our firm continues to set the standard by providing unmatched service.

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