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Galahad offers extensive experience in film set location security services.  Our client's who work in the television and film industry are known and recognized throughout the world.  Their notoriety brings safety and privacy concerns that must be addressed while working on set or location. 

In no other situation are they exposed more to unwanted pursuit and potential harm than at the workplace, whether filming in a foreign country, remote location, back lot studio, or television set.  Galahad provides executive personal protection for clients during their film and television projects. Our office has extensive experience having been involved in hundreds of high-profile films and highly publicized television programs. 

We've traveled to countless cities and countries to ensure clients' safety and our Agents are prepared to handle every aspect of their movement, anywhere in the world.  Agents identify potential safety and privacy hazards, and create a secure work environment by working closely with set security, production crews and client staff.  An extensive training program ensures our Agents are familiar with every aspect unique to production life including: union rules, set politics, call sheets, shooting schedules, scripts,  off camera positions, etc. Set environments are often unpredictable and our presence with a client assures their safety at a time when their exposure to unwanted encounters is greater.

Contact Galahad at 818-780-1818 or, complete our inquiry form.

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