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Security Site Surveys
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Residential Estate and Corporate Safety and Security Site Surveys

Evaluations are conducted of physical security at residential, commercial, and estate properties.  Our office reviews blueprints  and performs a detailed walk-through noting  physical security measures including perimeter detection, access control systems, safe retreats, landscape and lighting, and overall property access procedures.  Written recommendation reports address specific improvements, and current risk to safety and privacy is assessed given the client's history of incidents.  Our office is available to review bids and assess contractors to implement cost controls, confidentiality and insure quality service. 

Covert assessments are conducted to test how clients' current security programs respond to unscheduled encounters.  This review provides a "report card" on how well the system and personnel in place responds to emergencies, intruders, and challenges-to-access and brings to the forefront areas requiring improvement.

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