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Security Equipment

Our office regularly performs site surveys and gives recommendations our how our clients can substantially improve the overall security at residences and offices.  Our assessment includes evaluating access control, intercom systems, intrusion, detection and deterrent devices, perimeter beams and detection devices, motion sensors, cameras and video monitoring, security lighting, gates, landscaping, fire and burglary control panels, Central Station reporting, safe retreat locations, mail handling, among many other areas. 

Our office works closely with the leading manufacturers of security equipment to ensure our clients are receiving the best possible systems necessary for their needs.  Though we maintain our independence from manufacturers in order to give clients our unbiased appraisal and recommendation of security improvements,  we align ourselves with those firms who have proven to be in the forefront in developing new technologies.  Our corporate alliances connect our clients with innovative, cutting-edge security equipment.  Depending on the scope of work, we are often able to secure special client pricing and facilitate individualized training on the use of the equipment. 

Contact Galahad at 818-780-1818 or, complete our inquiry form.

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