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Over Two Decades of Leadership

Our Philosophy

A Global Reputation for Excellence

Galahad is a world leader in personal protection and bodyguard services, corporate security, and security consulting.  Since its founding nearly two decades ago, its services have been tailored towards the corporate and entertainment sectors.  The firm’s bodyguard, personal protection and corporate security expertise has enhanced the safety and privacy of the world’s most famous and prominent public figures, entertainers, cultural figures, and corporate officers. Additionally, Galahad’s staff is regularly retained as experts in a wide array of security disciplines, including: threat assessment, prevention of stalking and unwanted pursuit,  privacy intrusion consultation, and high-level investigations.

Nearly Two Decades as Leaders in Executive Personal Protection and Bodyguard Services, Film Set Location and Corporate Security, Threat Assessment, Privacy Consultation, and Investigations

What continues to distinguish Galahad among its competitors is not only the quality and breadth of our trained staff, personal protection services and client base, but also our commitment to certain core values – to excellence, to our people, to teamwork, and to uncompromised professionalism.  We believe these values matter to the people who come to work at Galahad and we believe they matter to all of our clients.

A Message From Our Owner

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn about Galahad. At our core, we are a relationship-driven company. We know that our clients have high expectations of us and we strive never to take them for granted. For nearly two decades, we have enjoyed an outstanding amount of repeat business from our clients as we endeavor to make them clients for life.

Our business model is even more relevant today given the current economic pressures felt by all of our clients and client associates. Since our inception, Galahad has committed itself to remain flexible to client budgets and required goals, and we want to make assurances of our commitment to be the price leader for our level of services. Clients in all segments of our work have heightened personal protection and security concerns as a result of rising safety challenges tied to the condition of the global economy, and we are aware that they are often wrestling with how best to balance costs while maintaining safety and security.

Galahad clients know our proven reputation in providing the highest level of service and professionalism – and our price leadership, now more than ever, is critical to ensure personal protection, safety and security is implemented and not compromised.

We deeply appreciate the fact that you may consider our firm for your protective security needs. We would encourage you to seriously spend some time looking through our site, and if appropriate, contact us for a list of client references. Should you choose to work with us, we commit to bring our high level of passion and rigorous process to your project as well.

What Galahad Stands For


Maintain leadership in all facets of our business, and to be distinctive and successful in everything we do and to make a difference in all the lives we touch or are touched by.


Demonstrate a passion for, and enormous energy in, excellence — in all facets of our service and lives. Anything less is not acceptable.

Values & Principles

We believe in being clear, direct, and ethical in our communications and actions. We are responsible and accountable to our clients for our words, our work, and our processes. Through this, we build credibility and reputation that distinguishes us from the competition. Our word is our bond.

We see change as an opportunity, not a threat.

Develop a clear concise vision and communicate that to all associations.

Our service embodies a total and absolute commitment to our clients’ safety, confidentiality and privacy.

Integrity is the foundation of our reputation. With each day, we earn the confidence, respect, and trust of our clients through our behavior and character that is honest, impeccable, and fair.

Strive to develop and maintain relationships rather than just executing a service. By doing so, we build and earn long-lasting trust.

We work as a team. Only through teamwork can we achieve our fullest potential – to those we serve and to each other. As such, we all share in our success.

Through our belief and support of education and self-improvement, we encourage high expectations, set ambitious goals, and demonstrate meaningful commitment to the enrichment of people’s lives.

We encourage communication that is open, candid, consistent, and two-way.

We will be a contributing force in the community in which we serve – taking full advantage of our ability to effect change by showing care, support and assistance to those who require aid.

Providing the best possible personal protection service for our corporate, executive, and entertainment clients is the primary goal of the staff at Galahad. As a full-service firm representing established and emerging public figures and corporations, we offer an expertise and quality of service that is essential in today’s world.

Galahad has provided security consultation and personal and bodyguard protection services worldwide in more than 60 countries on every major continent. We have taken a leadership role in providing a variety of security services that can meet every aspect of clients’ unique safety and privacy challenges. It is easy for those not familiar with our specialized personal protection services to mis-categorize us solely as a “bodyguard” or “patrol” company — nothing could be farther from the truth. That analogy would be synonymous with comparing a paralegal with an attorney. Our company provides consulting and protective services, and advises clients on a wide-range of high-stakes safety and privacy issues and implements strategies that best serve to reduce the risk of harm. Properly addressing safety and security can also require coordinating physical protection, logistical support, applying investigative tools, etc. For this reason, we offer our clients all of these services. By managing these resources in-house, we are able to bring to bear the full resources in case management.

Our firm continues to meet our clients’ demand for the highest level of personal protection service. Through our commitment to education and research in public figure protection and behavioral assessments, Galahad invests in ways to improve the techniques used in managing safety hazards, as well as its longstanding efforts to constantly think “outside the box” in regard to traditional approaches to these issues. In other words, we believe we must always evolve to solve our clients’ changing needs. Learn more about who we are, click here.

The GALAHAD service mark is one of the most recognized names in the field of public figure protection, threat assessments and investigations. Around the world, GALAHAD represents quality, professionalism, reliability, and integrity. Our firm continues to set the standard by providing unmatched service.

Galahad is a group of experienced professionals dedicated to bringing the highest quality of service to our clients. We strongly believe in our ethical and legal obligation to protect clients’ privacy. The firm’s commitment and approach to client confidentiality distinguishes us as a leader in managing safety and security for public figures, executives and corporations.

By the very nature of our work, we are called upon to manage many of the most personal, private, and sensitive issues in clients’ lives. We understand that they expect us to honor the confidentiality of all practices, procedures and information learned during the normal course of doing business. We fully anticipate to be held to those expectations; in fact, we commit to exceed them.

Within this website, you will not see pictures displayed that exploits our work with clients for purposes to impress visitors or prospective clients. You will not see photographs posted of our Agents at high profile events or in foreign locations surreptitiously protecting our clients. You will not see pictures of our staff in photo opportunities with politicians, dignitaries, CEOs or any public figures for the gain of association. Unlike many of our competitors who themselves publicly discuss or flaunt who they provide protective services for, we do not — period. This firm takes seriously its commitment to client confidentiality and it is truly what sets us apart.

We do not publicly disclose or name clients nor do we advertise our business through any specific association with them. Individuals seeking recommendations on the quality of our services are referred to client associates (i.e. publicists, agents, managers, attorneys, etc.) who can attest and comment on the firm.

Persons employed by Galahad, in any capacity, sign confidentiality agreements that prohibit them from providing any information, discussing any aspect of work performed, or any facet of the safety and security of our clients.

Galahad has achieved an tremendous record of success in protective details, complex case management, and investigations since our founding in 1995. Our success is two fold: 1) An approach in managing safety and privacy that is fundamentally different from that of most competitors involved in comparable issues for high-level public figures and corporations; 2) We don’t just try to meet client expectations, we exceed them by making the highest lasting impact on people’s lives.

We bring a fresh perspective to clients’ safety and privacy challenges, vigorously represent their interests, and are a valuable resource to the client in accomplishing all security goals.

Career Professionals

First, we are a company staffed by full-time career professionals and not individuals performing services part-time, moonlighting another job , or persons contracting independently. Our staff are actual practitioners in the field of high-stakes safety issues facing public figures and corporations, with daily hands-on experience in providing protection, threat assessments, and critical investigations. We approach our work seriously but realistically and do not instill unnecessary fear or worry in our clients. Our goal is to have our clients live as normal a life as possible, not isolated from life’s everyday activities. We do not waste time on activities that build up hours that do not contribute to a successful outcome in overall case management.

Efficient Staffing

Second, we staff our cases leanly but appropriately, with a Senior Manager or Partner typically handling a case with one to two Case Agents. This kind of staffing ensures that the Senior Manager / Partner has hands-on control over the development of the case. We do not have layers of associates and junior managers reviewing one another’s work, adding excessive hours and insulating the Senior Manager / Partner from direct involvement. Our protective assignments are approached in the same manner. We absolutely ensure that the safety and privacy of the client is met but we do not overstaff any detail with needless personnel.

Effective Use of Technology

Third, we make effective use of current technology to do superior work. We routinely field test equipment from top manufacturers of security devices. We implement and use computer technology, databases, search programs, computer-based graphics, and other programs in ways that most other firms have not even considered.


Fourth, our goal in each assessment case, protective assignment, or investigation is to negotiate a fee structure that will ensure that our interests and the client’s are fully aligned. Depending on the work, this may take the form of an hourly fee, a flat fee, a daily rate, a fee representative of case load, combination of the four, or a fee based on length of contract.


Dan Palmer 
CEO & President

Mike Kolb 
Chief Operating Officer

Kathy Park 
Senior Accountant

Executive Personal Protection Division

Stan Purdy 
Director, Field & Travel Details

Private Investigations / Behavioral Assessment Division

Robert Palmer 
Corporate Director & Senior Investigator

Tom Morris 
Investigator & Case Manager