Safety, Security, & Privacy Consultations

"We felt completely safe and secure with your expertise in addressing our complex safety challenges..."


Galahad was formed to meet a wide variety of executive personal protection safety and security, threat assessment | stalking | workplace violence challenges, invasion of privacy, tabloid harassment and media intrusion, and private investigation services unique to high-profile media figures, celebrities, entertainers, and Fortune 500 executives and corporations.

We are a relationship driven company so your ability to have fast and direct personal contact with all levels of our staff is extremely important to us. You can reach a member of our team during normal business hours Monday through Friday at 818-780-1818. Messages can be left after hours that will be returned the next business morning. If you have an emergency that needs to be addressed immediately, call our main number and you’ll be directed where you can reach a staff member immediately.

We also understand that persons may prefer initiating contact preliminarily by email to make general inquiries about our services. In this case, please complete our service form provided in order for you to quickly submit your request and to allow us to begin assessing whether our office is able to help with the security, safety, privacy, and/or investigative challenge you now face.

Our office receives many requests for our services. We address each request with the importance and timeliness it deserves and requires. There is no project too small or large and each receives our specialized attention. We may not be able to help in all cases due to prior client commitments, the amount of advance notice given, schedule conflicts, appropriateness of the service request, among others. Galahad is honored that you have chosen to submit a request for our services and we are committed to help you quickly and efficiently if at all possible. If we are unable to assist with your needs, we will do everything possible to refer you to others who may be best able to provide the service.

In order for us to begin an evaluation, the amount of information provided here is critical to our initial review. Most often, requests for our services are turned down or delayed due to the lack of information provided to us. We understand the confidential nature of these matters but we do require sufficient information that will allow us to properly assess the request. We understand the importance of confidentiality — each day our office deals with confidential material and information at the highest levels for public figures and corporations. All information provided here will remain in strict confidence. Please review our Privacy Statement.