Protective Services

“Galahad’s execution was flawless…”


Executives and private sector public figures utilize us when requiring expertise in personal protection. Our approach to executive protection and personal protection services is widely known for exceeding expectations through a process of continuous innovation and by providing the highest quality service. Because corporate executives and public figures have requirements and expectations that are unique and special to their own needs, flexibility is a key factor in our organization. We meet every client’s safety challenges by providing a secure, organized, stress-free environment and are committed to providing superior service, second to none, through total confidence and peace-of-mind.

Our Physical Protective Division specializes in providing a wide variety of security and consulting services, including:

Historically, well-trained executive protection specialists were afforded to only government officials and dignitaries who had the resources. Today, private citizens who have high public profiles (the very famous and well-known) are faced with security and safety issues far exceeding those in public service. In many ways, our approach to executive protection is similar to those agencies at the highest levels of government. We believe that a serious approach to protection goes far beyond simply hiring an overly large, untrained individual to accompany a client. Our Executive Protection Agents are full-time career professionals who maintain ongoing training in the field of public figure protection.
Although our staff must meet physical strength and agility requirements that exceed those of law enforcement agencies, our primary focus is an intellectual approach that ensures they have the savvy and knowledge to respond to any emergency. Additionally, our Agents meet the following:
Extensive background and drug screening;
First aid and CPR certified;
Licensed by the State of California;
Strict confidentiality agreements;
Armed and unarmed Agents trained in defense tactics and arrests procedures;
High ethical, moral, and professional standards;
Continued education and training in detail preparation and advance.

Corporations and their Directors of Security retain us to supplement their current programs in order to address specific safety challenges. Our highly trained staff can enhance current corporate security resources and implement: specialized executive protection / personal protective details; provide 24-hour coverage at officers residences, conduct physical security site survey reports and provide security enhancement recommendations to existing corporate security personnel procedures and facility security programs; and consult with HR departments on implementation and management of workplace violence programs.

Our office provides protection and logistical support to musical artists during concert tours worldwide. Having directed security for some of the largest and widely publicized stadium tours, we bring actual hands-on experience and work closely with tour managers to coordinate security advance arrangements of airports, ground transportation, hotels, hospitals, venues, and restaurants in each city.  During an artist’s down time, Agents’ often make special private arrangements for sightseeing, hobby activities, shopping, and other interests.

At venues, we thoroughly inspect the stage, barricades, pyrotechnics, and other special effect devices prior to the artist’s arrival. We use state-of-the-art access control and travel with technologically advanced surveillance cameras, duress (panic) signaling devices, emergency evacuation equipment, and portable alarm systems. Our Protective Agents give artists the peace-of-mind to concentrate on what they do best  – entertain their fans.

Galahad offers extensive experience in film set location security services.  Our client’s who work in the television and film industry are known and recognized throughout the world.  Their notoriety brings safety and privacy concerns that must be addressed while working on set or location.

In no other situation are they exposed more to unwanted pursuit and potential harm than at the workplace, whether filming in a foreign country, remote location, back lot studio, or television set.  Galahad provides executive personal protection for clients during their film and television projects. Our office has extensive experience having been involved in hundreds of high-profile films and highly publicized television programs.

We’ve traveled to countless cities and countries to ensure clients’ safety and our Agents are prepared to handle every aspect of their movement, anywhere in the world.  Agents identify potential safety and privacy hazards, and create a secure work environment by working closely with set security, production crews and client staff.  An extensive training program ensures our Agents are familiar with every aspect unique to production life including: union rules, set politics, call sheets, shooting schedules, scripts,  off camera positions, etc. Set environments are often unpredictable and our presence with a client assures their safety at a time when their exposure to unwanted encounters is greater.

Public figures already face unprecedented public and media attention. This attention becomes even greater during widely publicized special events such as award shows, movie premieres, publicity tours, book signings, and guest appearances. Milestone events such as weddings and child births literally become a media frenzy, with tabloids putting a premium price on the “exclusive photo” while pursuing it at all costs. Our office has been involved with many of the highest profile celebrity events of the past two decades. With each, we’ve successfully maintained both the safety and privacy of our clients.
Weddings / Births / Funerals
Awards / Premieres / Press Tours / Public Events

We provide estate security and corporate security when a client requires long-term 24/7 security coverage at a residence or corporate facility. Our Agents work in shifts to insure alertness and responsiveness to crisis situations. They are primarily responsible for providing the physical protection of the clients, monitoring security systems, access control, and surveillance of the property. They are licensed to carry firearms and have been trained in CPR / First Aid so they can respond quickly to medical emergencies. Having an on-site protective presence empowers clients with the peace-of-mind that no other electronic security system alone can offer.

Additionally, our office can tailor extra responsibilities to meet the specific needs of the client. This may include property management, client transport on short trips, personal phone management, handling tradespersons, coordinating deliveries, map routing, pet care, and other various tasks that make the environment more convenient. The client receives the benefit of a Protective Agent, Medical Responder and Property Manager – all in one.

During a life threatening situation, when seconds count, our Agents are on-site and able to respond instantly – often times before the client is even aware of the hazard.

Evaluations are conducted of physical security at residential, commercial, and estate properties. Our office reviews blueprints and performs a detailed walk-through noting physical security measures including perimeter detection, access control systems, safe retreats, landscape and lighting, and overall property access procedures. Written recommendation reports address specific improvements, and current risk to safety and privacy is assessed given the client’s history of incidents. Our office is available to review bids and assess contractors to implement cost controls, confidentiality and insure quality service.

Covert assessments are conducted to test how clients’ current security programs respond to unscheduled encounters. This review provides a “report card” on how well the system and personnel in place responds to emergencies, intruders, and challenges-to-access and brings to the forefront areas requiring improvement.

Logistical preparation is the most important initial phase of a protection detail and it is our specialty. We will insure that the client’s safety and specific needs are provided for with a minimum of inconvenience, to include safe and efficient arrivals and departures from airports, hotels, public appearances, restaurants etc. We will handle or assist the client’s staff in facilitating everything from travel arrangements to ground transportation to pre-planning events. We will coordinate with our Behavioral Assessment Division to perform a threat assessment of active pursuers and/or high-risk locations to insure that we are completely familiar with the environment that the client will be in.

Our office helps clients prepare in advance of disasters by advising them of the steps that need to be taken before, during, and after a catastrophic event. With our assistance, clients expect the unexpected and plan for it … from earthquakes, to flooding, to power outages, to civil unrest. Our crisis management techniques prepare clients to better control the situation and be in a position to recover more quickly, especially during times when state and local agencies and resources are less likely to be responsive to individual citizen’s needs. An integral part of our program is developing an Emergency Survival Kit that keeps the client and his / her family self-sufficient in their home for a specified period of time after a disaster.
We also provide assistance with personal protection equipment.

Galahad produces travel security advisory reports intended to advise and inform corporate executives and public figures traveling abroad. This includes advice to help avoid trouble, especially threats to clients’ personal safety arising from political unrest, lawlessness, violence, natural disasters, epidemics, and anti-American demonstrations.
We coordinate and gather information from our contact in the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in the subject country to provide a full range of travel advice notices.
Additionally, we address health conditions and how to obtain medical treatment abroad, immunization checklists, unusual currency and entry regulations, crime and security information, and drug penalties.