Threat Assessment

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Threat assessment / risk assessment is an integral part of our ability to provide successful management to a client’s overall safety and security.  Research has shown us that nearly all modern-day public figure attackers have communicated inappropriately with their victim or other public figures prior to attacking.  With this in mind, our office dedicates enormous resources to the collection, review and assessment of threatening or otherwise bizarre communications.   Our Case Agents have reviewed, assessed, monitored, and catalogued thousands of communications sent to our clients over the years.  Our efforts in threat assessment / risk assessment have resulted in the prevention of encounters that may have resulted in violence.

Our firm consults public figures, individuals, and corporations on matters pertaining to safety and privacy.  Services include:

  • Threat Assessment and Case Management of Stalking and Inappropriate Pursuit, Workplace Violence Consulting, HR / Workplace Violence Prevention Committee Training
  • Invasion of Privacy and Tabloid / Paparazzi / Stalkarazzi Harassment Consultation
  • Internet Monitoring
  • Address Publication Monitoring
  • Public Record Privacy
  • Release and Notify Agreements with Prisons and Mental Hospital Facilities
    Prosecutorial Interface and Expert Court Testimony
  • Safety Awareness and Prevention Training for Individuals, Organization, and Corporations
  • Centralized Storage of Material
    Executive Celebrity Personal Assistant Training
  • Executive Celebrity Personal Assistant Training